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Golden Visa Programme in Spain was launched in 2013. It’s as easy as it seems. Invest €500,000 in real estate and gain family residency.

€ 500,000 Investment

Real Estate Investment

Visa for all Family

Full Flexibility

EU Schengen Zone Travel

Golden Visa is an option for non-EU citizens and allows the investors and their dependent family to obtain a residency permit in Spain. An extra advantage is that the golden visa allows travel within the EU Schengen Zone (EU countries excluding UK and Ireland and non-EU countries like Iceland, Norway and Switzerland).
The visa obtained via investment can be renewed every 2 years, after 5 years a permanent residency can be obtained and in 10 years, citizenship. And it is not even necessary to live in Spain in order to keep and renew the residency visa permit, the golden visa.
Even if you could live somewhere else to keep your golden visa, in order to get the permanent residency visa (after 5 years) or the citizenship (after 10 years) it is necessary for you and your family to live full time in Spain for the required length of time.

Property market in Spain is at the moment not only your way of getting European residency and citizenship, but also a great investment. Reasonable prices are quickly growing, nevertheless there still is a significant potential for capital gains in the coming years. Don’t waste your time, as such a considerable investment growth won’t last for too long.

Even if your golden visa choice in Spain could easily be considered a lifestyle, A WONDERFUL LIFESTYLE, a good return on the investment is always better than no return at all.

There are numerous offers on the market. You can choose from new developments (see here our guide to “Buying Off-Plan”), bank repossessions, rural properties… it all depends on your needs. Location and property type are critical to the success of your investment and/or your happy life.

It’s better to base your choice on knowledge and in-depth research rather then emotion of the moment, so please feel free to contact us in order to find what best suits your needs and circumstances and to check all the procedures and more information about the golden visa programme in Spain.

Now you ask, why should I chose you and not one of the numerous real estate agents in Spain or the lawyer dealing with Golden Visa?

There is a big difference between how we, Global, and traditional real estate agents or even Golden Visa specialised lawyers work.

The main point is that we work just and only for YOU, the buyer, while real estate agent or a lawyer who collaborates with a real estate agent works for the seller and for you. Having a stock of properties and the pressure of selling them as soon as possible, it is inevitable, the traditional agent will emphasise properties they have in their listing although they might not fully meet your needs and expectations. We at Global, after carefully qualifying and understanding what you need, make an in-depth market research and provide you with a portfolio of what best suits your requirements in the whole market. And we don’t leave you there, our services continue after sale, but that is another story…

Wait no longer… it costs you nothing to have a chat about golden visa and investment in Spain

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