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fake news or reality?

I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian way of life. I love the food. I love the people. I love the attitude of Italians.

Elton John

No one can question that Italy is one of the best countries in terms of cultural heritage: there are 51 sites declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The central role of Italy does not lie only in the quantity but rather in the quality of cultural heritage. Other important factors, such as harmony between cities and the landscape, the strong presence in the territory of heritage and historical cultural values do also affect this position. The numerous museums contain only a small portion of the artistic resource that is scattered in the cities and in the countryside.

In this entire cultural heritage, which is the result of a centuries-old accumulation of wealth and civilisation, the main factor is the “Italian model” of culture and conservation of abandoned goods.

That is why, the management of abandoned real estate, both private and public, should not be considered a burden to be freed off, but a resource for cultural development.

The enhancement measures must privilege the permanence of existing buildings, with the aim of minimizing transformative interventions in order to preserve the historical and cultural identity of the country.

Italy does not need new constructions and new cementations. The strategy to improve the living environment and reclaim its cultural identity is to revive the small abandoned centres or retrain assets in a state of abandonment, with a history that is our history.

This is why numerous Italian municipalities, take part to this incredible initiative to give a new breathe into troubled areas. With the operation CASE A 1 EURO (1 EURO HOUSES) they try to repopulate gorgeous villages that are being deserted, with the young population leaving and the elderly slowly fading away, they try to save the historical heritage of their small town centres for the future populations.

 This unprecedented proposal has struggled initially, but it is gaining more and more popularity lately. In one of the municipalities with 17 houses ready for the new call for submissions (Bando di Gara) to be announced, there are already about 90,000 inquiries.

This is an attractive opportunity for those looking for low-cost real estate investment in Italy. It is also a big step into restoring prestige to Italian villages famous all over the world for their extraordinary beauty, and for the vintage spirit so cherished nowadays.

It’s a quick and easy buy, but there are some restrictions and guidelines to follow and all the documentations and regulations are in Italian, so it’s paramount to have a professional who is well inside Italian regulations and bureaucracy to guide you through it all. We have local presence, and being Italians enable us to know it all first hand and allow us to guide you step by step without any last minute unpleasant surprise.

Have you been dreaming of your sweet, little Italian house? This might be your opportunity to make this dream come true. Wait no longer as the interest is very high! Get in touch with us and we will give you full details of “what and how” and make sure you can secure your dream Italian home.

And if 1 EURO HOUSE is not what you are looking for, there are so many other opportunities here in Italy…

Renting disused lighthouses, towers or coastal buildings, reclaiming brownfield sites and renovating unmanned stations… buying a house in Italy is not the most straightforward procedure, but with our assistance, all the burden is on us and you only take the part in enjoying your new Italian reality. Contact us, and together we will find out what is the best option for you.


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